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Chemistry Facilities

MRIGlobal’s Chemistry Laboratory Facilities are primarily used for sample preparation and physical chemistry evaluations. All labs are equipped to handle various levels and types of CBRNE Threats. These two facility areas are composed of two large bay facilities (North and South wing), both with an access/egress area and storage areas.

The laboratory design is modular and virtually eliminates the potential for and minimizes risk of exposure to personnel and potential contamination of the environment during sample preparation and analysis procedures using hazardous chemicals. All MRIGlobal laboratories are designed to maintain a negative air pressure with respect to the access/egress area and adjoining corridors. The negative pressure is achieved by delivering tempered makeup air into the laboratory, where it is drawn into the chemical fume hoods, vented workstations, and glove boxes, then exhausted from the building by roof-top blowers.

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

The Thermal Analysis Laboratory is equipped with a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) and a thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA). The instrumentation and equipment in the Thermal Analysis Laboratory is used for purity analysis of bulk chemicals for CCA tasks.

Particle Size Characterization

Particle size and distribution analysis includes two separate particle counting and sizing techniques, as well as dynamic light-scattering technique for the analysis of pure and nonpure solutions. The dynamic light-scattering technique is designed for non-pure solutions (e.g., emulsions, colloids, and liposomal preparations).

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Sample Storage and Preparation Facilities

The HTS Chemical Storage Facility is a limited-access facility is dedicated for the organization and central storage of all ambient HTS Chemicals. This allows a streamlined process of retrieval for any chemical at a given time; this streamlines the internal process and supports CIPS assignments. In addition, the space provides adequate area and appropriate storage to accommodate the various hazards the chemicals may possess (i.e., flammable, corrosive, etc.).

HTS GC/MS Preparation Laboratory

The HTS GC/MS Preparation Laboratory is used for preparing dilutions necessary to complete GC/MS sample for analysis. It has all adequate equipment needed to perform HTS sample prep (dilution) activities, including providing an inert gas weighing atmosphere in available glove boxes and temporary chemical storage.

Synthesis Laboratories

MRIGlobal provides custom chemical synthesis, chemical process development services, and chemical reference materials to a diverse group of clients including industrial and government laboratories, and research institutes that require accurate and high-quality products and services.

MRIGlobal has core competencies in organic, medicinal, pharmaceutical, combinatorial/parallel, organometallic, and materials synthesis. MRIGlobal staff are experts in analytical method development and validation, both for characterization and purity assessment, making MRIGlobal a recognized leader in custom chemical synthesis and analysis. From design and synthesis of new molecular entities to chemical process development and scale-up, MRIGlobal offers comprehensive chemical synthesis support.

MRIGlobal’s modern research facilities are fully equipped to accommodate the technologies identified above, and include automated synthesis equipment, an extensive suite of analytical equipment for the complete characterization of compounds and determination of chemical purity, as well as special labs for the synthesis of hazardous materials and radiochemicals. The 1,300‑ft2 laboratory is specially designed and fully equipped for chemical synthesis operations and the routine handling of potentially toxic, hazardous, nonhazardous, and air- and moisture-sensitive materials.

MRIGlobal’s synthesis labs have the capacity to produce mg-to-kg quantities of materials. Synthesis projects at MRIGlobal employ our full range of modern analytical instrumentation that includes GC, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, NMR, DSC, TGA, Karl Fisher, FT-IR, TLC, MP, and wet chemical methods.

Chemical Agent Facilities

MRIGlobal’s Chemical Agent Facility is equipped to handle neat chemical agent (CA) reference materials and samples. Additionally, MRIGlobal has several satellite laboratories capable of handling dilute CA solutions. These satellites house sample preparation equipment and analytical instrumentation including GC-MS, LC-MS, and IC. The CA Facility is fully equipped to prepare and analyze a wide variety of sample matrices for CA and degradation products. Our goal is to start programs within a week of contract award. Our Agent facilities can typically be reserved within 4-6 weeks of client request. MRIGlobal is the best choice for the rapid initiation and execution required to out pace your competition.

 MRIGlobal’s CA Facility is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of testing and research activities using neat CA. These activities include permeation testing, vapor and aerosol generation, material compatibility studies, purification and synthesis, kinetic determinations, transport and fate determinations, decontamination testing, vapor and contact hazard testing, CA purity determinations, and evaluations of new and innovative instrumental techniques for detecting CA. This capability includes testing of CA compounds, precursors, and degradation products.

 The CA Facility operates under a Provisioning Agreement with the U.S. Army. Under this agreement, MRIGlobal is authorized to store and handle neat CA materials and samples.