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Colorimetric detectors indicate the presence of a target chemical through a chemical reaction that results in a color change. Colorimetric test kits are available for a wide variety of CBRNE targets and includes M8 paper for CWA detection to the SPX 300 for trace explosives detection.  The tests are usually analyte and/or class specific and are well suited for presumptive testing of compounds with suspected identity.  Results are typically examined by comparison of the resulting color to a key in the test kit.  However, a few vendors offer electronic readers that provide more objective results than visual comparison and can store the results of a test.  Detection limits are typically in the part-per-million to part-per-thousand range (ppm-ppth), depending on the analyte.

Typically colorimetric detection has a small form factor and can be easily transported by hand.  As the tests are based on chemical reactions, they generally require little or no additional power to conduct.  There are a large number of colorimetric test kits available.  Kit cost varies depending on the analyte and the number of reagent packets in the kit.  They typically require one-time use consumables such as cartridges, reagents, papers or swabs for each target chemical.

3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety (1)
AlcoPro, Inc (1)
American Innovations, Inc. (2)
Anachemia Canada, Inc. (1)
Appealing Products, Inc. DBA ChemSee.com (4)
BBI Detection (2)
BTNX Inc. (1)
Bunk Police (1)
DanceSafe (1)
DetectaChem (4)
Dräger Safety, Inc. (7)
Express Diagnostics International (1)
Field Forensics, Inc. (6)
Hach (5)
HazChem, LLC (1)
Haztech Systems, Inc. (4)
Honeywell Analytics (3)
IDenta Corp. (1)
Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (4)
Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. (1)
KeTech Systems Ltd (4)
Koslow Scientific Company (1)
Lindon Defense (1)
Luxfer Magtech, Inc. (5)
Lynn Peavey Company (1)
M.M.C. International B.V. (2)
Matheson Tri Gas (1)
MilliporeSigma (1)
Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) (1)
Mistral Security, Inc. (6)
Morphix Technologies (4)
NARTEC, Inc. (1)
Nextteq LLC (4)
NOW Diagnostics (1)
NPS Corporation (1)
Plexus Scientific (2)
Ready Made Resources (1)
Safety Solutions, Inc. (1)
Scintrex Trace Corp. (division of Autoclear) (1)
Securetec (1)
Sensidyne LLP (1)
Serim Research Corporation (1)
Sirchie (1)
Spectrex Corporation (4)
System Two Threat Detection Technologies, LLC. (2)
Teledyne FLIR Detection, Inc. (3)
Test Kit Plus (1)
The Safariland Group (2)
Westminster International, Ltd (2)
Xplosafe LLC (3)
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Unit Cost
< $100 (32)
$100 - $500 (30)
$500 - $1,000 (11)
$1,000 - $5,000 (15)
$5,000 - $10,000 (7)
$10,000 - $20,000 (3)
$20,000 - $50,000 (2)
N/A (15)
Sample Introduction
Solid (72)
Liquid (20)
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Power Requirement

Alkaline Battery (13)
Lithium Battery (10)
NiMH Battery (1)
AC/DC Line Power (3)
None (83)
Other (3)

Training Required

<1 hour (55)
<1 day (57)
<1 week (2)


Yes (5)
No (36)

Response Time

Continuous (<30 seconds) (44)
<1 minute (22)
<5 minutes (33)
<15 minutes (7)
>15 minutes (6)

Supporting Data Available

None (92)
Other (23)


Vibration/Shock (7)
Dust (7)
Waterproof/Resistant (4)
Extreme Temperatures/Humidity (11)
None (20)
Other (1)

Shelf Life

<6 months (5)
<1 year (29)
<5 years (39)
>5 years (22)

Consumables Required

None (23)
<$1,000/year (50)
>$1,000/year (9)
Other (1)
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Mistral Security, Inc.

Aerosols are presumptive drug tests, detecting both trace and bulk levels of drugs. Mistral Security...

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Agentase™ C1 (Formerly Fido C1 CAD Kit)

Agentase™ C1 (Formerly Fido C1 CAD Kit)

Teledyne FLIR Detection, Inc.

Agentase™ C1 is a chemical agent detection kit (formerly named Fido C1 CAD KIT) that uses enzyme-bas...

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Agentase™ C2 (Formerly Fido C2 ADS)

Agentase™ C2 (Formerly Fido C2 ADS)

Teledyne FLIR Detection, Inc.

Agentase™ C2 agent disclosure spray is a CWA detection technology. After being sprayed directly onto...

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American Innovations, Inc.

The Ai-HME is an 11 step bulk Homemade Explosives (HME) precursor detection kit detects all Nitrates...

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Arsenic Quick and Quick II Test Kits

Arsenic Quick and Quick II Test Kits

Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

The Arsenic Quick Test Kit detects soluble inorganic arsenic (As+3 and As+5) in aqueous samples. Ino...

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C2 Chemical Agent Detector Kit

C2 Chemical Agent Detector Kit

Anachemia Canada, Inc.

Handheld detector used for: determining the presence or absence of chemical agents, identifying chem...

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CALID-3 Liquid CWA Detection Papers

CALID-3 Liquid CWA Detection Papers


CALID-3 is designed for detection and differentiation between 3 major groups of chemical warfare age...

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CHAMELEON Armband Kits

CHAMELEON Armband Kits

Morphix Technologies

The Chameleon is a wearable colorimetric chemical threat detector in an armband form factor. The arm...

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Chemical Agent Detection Paper (M8, M9, 3-Way)

Chemical Agent Detection Paper (M8, M9, 3-Way)

Luxfer Magtech, Inc.

Chemical Agent Detection Papers (M8, M9 and 3-Way) are indicating papers designed to detect and diff...

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Chemical Identification Kit

Chemical Identification Kit

Haztech Systems, Inc.

Each HazCat® Chemical Identification System is designed for immediate on-site identification or char...

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Chemical Warfare Agent Detection IMASS™

Chemical Warfare Agent Detection IMASS™

BBI Detection

DISCONTINUED - The patented colorimetric technology from Cardiff University brings sensitivity and s...

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ChemKey TLD

ChemKey TLD

Honeywell Analytics

The ChemKey TLD is a toxic gas monitor that uses an optical scanning system to detect the presence o...

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Morphix Technologies

The ChromAir badge is a colorimetric direct-read monitor. It delivers on-site results with a color c...

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Civil Defense Simultest (CDS) Kit

Civil Defense Simultest (CDS) Kit

Dräger Safety, Inc.

Two simultaneous Test Sets measure chemical substances including nerve, blood, lung, and blister age...

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CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer

CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer


The CL17sc is a colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer. It can continuously monitor water for free or total...

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Clan Lab Kit

Clan Lab Kit

Dräger Safety, Inc.

The Clan Lab Simultest Sets and Kits identify the presence of chemicals commonly used in the illicit...

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