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Radiological and nuclear detection products included on MRIGlobal's CBRNE Tech Index include both specific and non-selective sensors that alert users of the presence of potential threats. The include large vehicle-scale analytical systems, hand-held meters, and a large range of products in-between.  CBRNE Tech Index focuses on radiological and nuclear detection products that can provide users with the detection and identification of a specific radioisotope. Sensors that simply identify any source(s) of radiation are also included. Tangential to the true radiological and nuclear detection products are the imaging products that are routinely used by private security and U.S. Government in the screening and inspection of ports, border crossings, mass gatherings, and other high-priority locations. Imaging products do not typically (but can) identify a specific radiological threat, but visualize locations that warrant increased scrutiny.

The "RN" in CBRNE truly means all radiological and nuclear detection products - not only WMD threats but routine monitoring and analyses such as those used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, academic, law enforcement, manufacturing, industrial equipment, and countless other industries. The CBRNE Tech Index team at MRIGlobal works daily to add both existing and emerging radiological and nuclear detection technologies and products to the site. The database currently contains over 125 radiological and nuclear detection products for your reference.

3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety (9)
Advanced Decon Technologies (1)
AirBoss Defense (1)
Ansell Protective Solutions AB (1)
Arctic Heat (1)
Arrow-Tech, Inc. (8)
Automess (4)
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) (9)
Biodex Medical Systems (1)
Blaschke J. Wehrtechnik GmbH (1)
Blücher GmbH (2)
Bruker Corporation (4)
Bullard (1)
Canberra Industries, Inc. (19)
Cristanini SpA (5)
Defentect (2)
Dräger Safety, Inc. (1)
D-tect Systems (6)
Dunlop® Protective Footwear USA (2)
DuPont Personal Protection (1)
EADS Sodern (1)
EGO Zlin, spol. s r.o. (1)
Environics Oy (2)
First Line Technology LLC (4)
FLIR Systems, Inc. (7)
Force 1 Decon (1)
Gamma Technical Corporation (2)
Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. (3)
Glacier Tek (1)
Goetzloff GmbH (3)
Gumárny Zubrí Incorporated (3)
H3D Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometers (2)
HazChem, LLC (1)
Haztech Systems, Inc. (2)
Hispano Vema (4)
Honeywell International, Inc. (18)
Hughes Safety Showers (1)
IDS GeoRadar (3)
ILC Dover, Inc. (1)
Impulse Radar (2)
Industrial Chem Solutions, Inc. (1)
Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (2)
Indutex SpA (4)
Inward Detection (1)
Kärcher Futuretech GmbH (3)
Kromek Group plc (9)
KS Analysis (1)
Lakeland Industries, Inc. (4)
Leica Geosystems (1)
Lion Apparel (1)
Lior Textiles Industries Ltd (1)
Ludlum Measurements, Inc. (5)
Luxfer Magtech, Inc. (1)
MALA Geoscience (2)
Matcon B.V. (1)
Mestel Safety Srl (4)
Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) (2)
Mirion Technologies (24)
NBC-Sys (3)
New Pac Safety AB (1)
NucSafe (2)
Ortec (Ametek) (7)
Osen Hunter Group, LLC (2)
Overhoff Technology Corporation (7)
Paul Boyé Technologies (4)
Penetradar Corporation (2)
PipeHawk (2)
PKI Electronic Intelligence (1)
Polar Products (4)
QuickSilver Analytics, Inc. (8)
Radar Systems (2)
Radarteam (1)
RadComm (14)
RADeCO (8)
Radiation Decontamination Solutions LLC (2)
Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc (1)
Radiation Shield Technologies (3)
Radiodetection (1)
RAE Systems, Inc. (6)
Respirex International Ltd (4)
Rigaku (6)
S.E. International, Inc. (14)
Safety Equipment of Australia (The SEA Group) (2)
Sensor Technology Engineering, Inc. (3)
Sensors and Software, Inc. (3)
Smiths Detection, Inc. (5)
StaCool Industries, Inc. (3)
Steris Corporation (1)
Technical Associates (3)
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (6)
Toikka Engineering (1)
Transient Technology (2)
US Radar Inc. (7)
Utsi Electronics (1)
WB Johnson Instruments (10)
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$50,000 - $100,000 (10)
> $100,000 (1)
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Other (172)
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Bq (2)
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Other (37)
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100 Series

100 Series

US Radar Inc.

Designed for locating targets up to 100 ft deep.

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1000 Series

1000 Series

US Radar Inc.

Designed for high-resolution and depth of penetration for structural investigation.

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2000W Extender

2000W Extender

WB Johnson Instruments

The Model 2000W Extender's specific application for the measurement of high range dose fields from d...

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4007A Survey Meter

4007A Survey Meter

Arrow-Tech, Inc.

DISCONTINUED: The Model 4007A Survey Meter is new version of the Model 3007A. It is enclosed in a f...

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500 Series

500 Series

US Radar Inc.

Designed for locating targets up to 15 ft deep.

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500/900 MHz Antenna with cart

500/900 MHz Antenna with cart

Radar Systems

Antenna unit is designed for all kind underground utilities detection (pipes, cabeles, underground c...

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6150AD Series Dose Ratemeter

6150AD Series Dose Ratemeter


The 6150AD is a PTB approved dose rate meter built-in GM counting tube serves to measure photon radi...

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A Series

A Series

H3D Gamma-Ray Imaging Spectrometers

The A series are handheld instruments used to identify and localize isotopes in the field. The A100 ...

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ABC-92 NBC-Protective Suit with Air Distribution System

ABC-92 NBC-Protective Suit with Air Distribution System

Blaschke J. Wehrtechnik GmbH

ABC-92 is a military 1–part NBC protective suit with air distribution system. The suits have either ...

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3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety

Discontinued - The Scott Safety ACSfx is designed specifically as a Class 2 Professional Fire Fighti...

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ActivArmr™ Cooling Vest

ActivArmr™ Cooling Vest

Ansell Protective Solutions AB

The ActivArmr™ Cooling Vest is a comfort garment which prevents elevated body temperatures in people...

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Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with Cool58® Phase Change

Adjustable Zipper Cooling Vest with Cool58® Phase Change

Polar Products

This cooling vest has adjustable hook and loop straps at the chest, waist and shoulders for a snug, ...

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Mirion Technologies

The ADM300A(V1B) Multi-Functional Survey Meter detects, measures and digitally displays levels of ga...

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Mirion Technologies

The Aegis is a portable Radionuclide Identifier (RID) based on a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detec...

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The MATAIR is a compressed air line breathing apparatus with complete mask for respiratory protectio...

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Air Monitor

Air Monitor

Technical Associates

Model AIR-TBM is used to monitor alpha, beta and gamma from radioactive chemicals in the air be they...

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