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SAW detectors rely on chemically selective polymers that absorb target gases, producing a measurable change in a property of the polymer (resistance, capacitance, etc.). SAW sensors are piezoelectric crystals that detect the mass of chemical vapors absorbed into chemically selective coatings on the sensor surface. This absorption causes a change in the resonant frequency of the sensor. Many SAW sensor coatings have unique physical properties that allow reversible adsorption of chemical vapors.

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Biosensor Applications Sweden AB

Biosens instruments are based on an immunoassay combined with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) detection ...

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Defiant Technologies

Canary-0 provides a gas detection module similar to that found in the other Canary models, but minim...

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Wireless SAW Temperature Sensor System

Wireless SAW Temperature Sensor System


SenGenuity offers a passive (no batteries and no energy harvesting), wirelessly interrogated, SAW b...

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zNose Series

zNose Series

Electronic Sensor Technology, Inc.

The Model 4300 zNose is a fully portable GC/SAW that can detect and analyze all types of vapors and ...

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