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MRIGlobal operates multiple biological containment laboratories in support of CBRNE/CWMD programs that meet the requirements of biosafety level (BSL) BSL-2 and BSL-3 enhanced, totaling approximately 7,000 ft2. These include the cell culture, BSL-2 molecular biology, Animal biosafety level (ABSL) ABSL-1, ABSL-2, ABSL-3, and ABSL-3 enhanced biocontainment laboratories. All MRIGlobal biosafety laboratories meet the biosafety and facility standards and biosurety requirements of the NIH, CDC, USDA, FDA, DHS and the DoD.

Molecular Biology Laboratory

MRIGlobal’s Molecular Biology Core Laboratory comprises 600 ft2 of BSL-2 laboratory space with an adjacent no titer master mix room of 200 ft2, and houses equipment for real-time PCR, DNA sequencing, electrophoresis, gel imaging, and molecular cloning.

The laboratory design allows physical separation of No, Low, and High Titer areas for reagent preparation (mastermix), sample preparation (extraction), and analysis (amplification and detection).

MRIGlobal Dx - Molecular Diagnostics

A division of MRIGlobal, MRIGlobal Dx's mission is to enable the commercialization of diagnostics for improved patient outcomes. They provide laboratory services for CLIA-certified laboratories and in vitro diagnostics developers. MRIGlobal Dx specializes in accelerating timelines and expanding test menus with their high quality, customized service. From early product development to FDA or CE-IVD approval, they provide scientific and laboratory services for the development of molecular diagnostic products.

MRIGlobal Dx:

·         Offers qualified program managers that provide oversight for schedule, budget, and deliverables on all projects

·         Is "technology agnostic" and provides a broad range of expertise with a vast array of target analysis platforms

·         Utilizes specialized laboratories include BSL-3 facilities for handling of select pathogens

·         Offers secure and customized access to your data