6850 Series II Network GC

The 6580 is a small GC for laboratories where bench space, ease of use, and independent channel flexibility are important.

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Availability: Commercially Available

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Product Name
6850 Series II Network GC
Detection Category
Chemical; Explosives
Detection Principle
Spectrometry; Chromatography;
Detection Method
Gas Chromatography; Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry; Flame Photometric Detection (FPD); Flame Ionization Detection (FID);
Laboratory Analysis; Trace Analysis;
Equipment Type
Product Synopsis
The 6580 is a small GC for laboratories where bench space, ease of use, and independent channel flexibility are important.
Commercially Available
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
User Feedback Sources
Indifferent/No user feedback
20 x 11 x 22 in (508 x 280 x 560 mm), 20 x 24 x 22 in (508 x 610 x 560 mm) with 5975 MSD
>50 lbs.; 64 lbs (29 kg)
Power Requirements
AC/DC Line Power; 110 V AC, 1.4 to 2 A
Noise Produced
Operating Conditions
4 to 43°C (40 to 110°F). Not designed for harsh environments
>$1,000/year; Typical for GC (helium carrier gas, GC columns, ferrules, injection port liners, chemical standards, etc.)
Calibration Schedule
Calibration required for each target chemical to determine GC retention time and detector response.
Suggested Routine Maintenance
Typical for GC
Available Accessories
Optional thermal desorption unit, detectors
Communications Interface
Windows 2000-based PC data acquisition system provides capability for numerous communications options.
Shelf Life
>5 years; Product lifetime indefinite with routine maintenance. Serviceability for ten years
Unit Cost
Tested For Chemical Agents
Amenable based on technology
Tested For ITF-25 TIC/TIMs
Amenable based on technology
Tested For Explosives
Amenable based on technology
Tested For Narcotics
Amenable based on technology
Other Chemical Targets
Currently used in a number of mobile labs, government/military; used in areas to facilitate CWA demilitarization projects. Special version with FPD optimized for CWAs.
Yes; user can add new targets in the field
Sample Introduction
Sensitivity/Detection Limits
Known Interferents/Inhibitors
Tested for electrical and other environmental interferences
False Positive Rates
False Negative Rates
Start Up Time (From Cold Start To Sample Ready)
1 to 2 hours for internal heaters to reach operating temperatures
Response Time (Sample Application To Output)
>15 minutes; 2 to 30 minutes typical response time, depending on analyte and GC method
Alarm Capability
Audible and visual
Software Control
Chemstation and Easychrome
Training Required
>1 week training
Training Available
On-site and off-site training available from vendor
Manuals Available
Operator’s Manual
1 year factory warranty. 3 year extended warranty and service contract are available at additional cost. Up to 5 year service contracts are also available.
IATA Shipping Restrictions
Yes; Compressed gas cylinders must be shipped ground only according to IATA regulations.
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