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CBRNE Tech Index includes chemical detection products such as colorimetric tests, non-selective sensors that alert users to the presence of potential chemical threats, laboratory scale analytical systems, and a large range of products in-between.  CBRNE Tech Index focuses on chemical detection products that can provide users with the identification of one or more specific chemicals or chemical classes. Also included in the chemical and other detection sections are chemical detection products designed to improve sample collection and accessories to analytical systems associated with chemical detection. We also include chemical imaging products; though tangential to the true chemical detection products, both private security and the U.S. Government routinely use chemical imaging in the screening and inspection of ports, border crossings, mass gatherings, and other high-priority locations susceptible to chemical threats. Chemical imaging products do not typically identify a specific chemical threat, but visualize locations that warrant increased scrutiny.

The "C" in CBRNE truly means all chemicals - not only toxic chemical threats but routine chemical detection and analyses such as those used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, food safety, academic, law enforcement, manufacturing, industrial equipment, and countless other industries that rely heavily on analytical equipment to deliver reliable and quality results. The CBRNE Tech Index team at MRIGlobal works daily to add both existing and emerging chemical detection technologies and products to the site. The database currently contains over 700 chemical detection products for your reference. MRIGlobal has extensive test and evaluation, government challenge, and hands-on experience with many of the chemical detection products listed.  We also offer custom library development, validation, and training services for these products.