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2019 PBA Detection Baseline Survey Rev. 1.6
MRIGlobal performed a comprehensive search and ranking of all existing products with the capability to detect one or more PBA and related threats.

A Review of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Detector Technologies and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Items
This report provides a review of the open-source literature (unclassified) and information obtained from manufacturers regarding the technologies, inc...

Biological Agent Detection Equipment for First Responders’ Field Use
May 2013 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Containerized Bio- Containment System (CBCS)
Medical staff caring for patients with highly contagious pathogens no longer need to worry about how they would be evacuated if they were to become il...

Dosimeters for Response and Recovery
April 2014 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Explosives Detection Portals
May 2013 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Flame and Photo Ionization Detectors,
Sept. 2014 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Handheld Photoionization Detectors
Aug. 2013 DHS-SAVER Highlight

Handheld Photoionization Detectors
Nov. 2013 DHS-SAVER Survey

Handheld Photoionization Detectors Assessment Report
April 2014 DHS-SAVER Assessment

Handheld Radiation Survey Meters
April 2014 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Handheld Radionuclide Identification
April 2014 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Handheld Raman Spectrometers
Oct. 2012 DHS-SAVER Summary

Improvise Explosive Quick Guide
Explosive Threat Card

Laser-Based Explosives Detectors
Feb. 2013 DHS-SAVER Highlight

MRIGlobal and Ebola Medical Countermeasures (MCMs)
MRIGlobal Ebola Live Virus BSL-3 Drug Screening Services

MRIGlobal Defense and Security
Provides an overview and history of the National Defense and Security-related programs MRIGlobal has performed

MRIGlobal Disease Outbreak Response
Biosurveillance, diagnostics, biosafety and global health services for emerging biosecurity needs.

MRIGlobal Mobile Laboratories
MRIGlobal mobile laboratories and medical transport modules were on the front lines in the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

MRIGlobal Sensor Survey
In 2013 MRIGlobal authored this survey listing ~ 200 chemical sensors and associated specifications

Neutron-Detecting Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs) and Spectroscopic PRDs Market Survey Report
Feb. 2015 DHS-SAVER Survey

Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs)
April 2014 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Portable Colorimetric Tubes for Chemical Vapor Detection Market Survey Report
May 2014 DHS-SAVER Survey

Portable Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) Chemical Agent Detectors Market Survey Report
Dec. 2013 DHS-SAVER Survey

Pseudo Detectors
The CBRNE Tech Index team has identified a unique category, which we have dubbed “pseudo detectors,” in order to alert users to the numerous fraudulen...

Radiation Detection Backpacks
April 2013 DHS-SAVER Summary

Radioisotope Identification Devices (RIIDs)
Oct. 2009 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Solvent Quick Guide
Miscibility Table

Standoff Radiation Detectors
Dec. 2012 DHS-SAVER Tech Note

Standoff Radiation Detectors Market Survey Report
Aug. 2013 DHS-SAVER Survey

Technology Performance Summary for Chemical Detection Instruments
Feb. 2011 EPA Technical Brief

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Located within the DHS Science and Technology Directorate (S&T), the SAVER Program conducts objective assessments and validations on commercial equipm...

MRIGlobal is an independent organization performing contract research for government and industry. Today, as one of the nation’s leading research ins...