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A wide variety of sensors exist across dozens of markets today. The sensors contained in CBRNE Tech Index include thsoe designed for sensing of WMD materials and of everyday materials such as peroxide or carbon monoxide. Sensors can also be a fully integrated device or an interchangeable component of a more complex system. Sensors are typically able to provide actionable results within a matter of a few seconds to minutes. These products range from virtually invisible to pocket-size and include devices seen at airport security points and border crossings, ports of entry, mail facilities, and numerous others. True CBRNE sensors are typically Electrochemical (EC), FID, FPD, or SAW based and typically detect and identify a class of chemicals rather than providing a specific identification. Sensors can be vulnerable to cross-sensitivities in complex matrices. MRIGlobal has years of experience in testing CBRNE, WMD, and TIC/TIM sensors with a broad range of threats.