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Beacon 410
Beacon 410
RKI Instruments

The Beacon 410 is a configurable, microprocessor-based, flexible 4 channel gas monitor. It simultane...

NMReady 60
NMReady 60

The NMReady 60 is a 60 MHz proton (1H) NMR spectrometer. The permanent magnet design provides a high...

picoSpin  45/80 MHz
picoSpin 45/80 MHz
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

The picoSpin systems come with a 45 or 80 MHz proton (1H) NMR spectrometer. Liquid samples are simpl...

SpinCore Technologies, Inc.

The iSpin-NMRTM can serve as a complete console for NMR or NQR with spectrometer frequencies from 0 ...

SenseAir S8
SenseAir S8

SenseAir® S8 is a safety switch that can be used in control and alarm applications. The sensor can b...

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CBRNE Tech Index is powered by one of the nation's leading research institutes, MRIGlobal. CBRNE Tech Index displays a wide range of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives detection equipment and products for use in the field or laboratory. Technologies range from easy-to-use colorimetric strips to State-of-the-Art laboratory analytical equipment. MRIGlobal scientists regularly test and evaluate equipment for government and industrial clients, providing expert and end~user feedback for product development and upgrades. Whether you are a first responder, Hazmat member, researcher, student, government agency, food safety, pharmaceutical analysis, petro-chemical process controller, or countless others, CBRNE Tech Index makes our knowledge available to the world. 

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